Building Green (Renovations)

At Manor, we're committed to providing environmentally friendly construction alternatives to our clients wherever feasible and whenever possible. From recycling your construction debris and donating your old appliances, to incorporating the latest and best in energy-efficient construction technologies, Manor does its part to make the planet - as well as your home - a better place to live.

Practice makes perfect

We believe that a good renovation should be both structurally sound and aesthetically timeless. That a home’s beauty should be about how it’s made as well as how it looks. And that the environment doesn’t need to be a casualty of your renovation.

Recycling Starts With You

Our home renovations have always been built to exacting levels of quality, and are designed to stand the test of time. The dedication we show our craft is matched only by our commitment to the use of resource-efficient, environmentally friendly construction methods and materials. Go here for more information.

With the lion’s share of renovations, just as many things are subtracted from your home as added. Windows and walls are removed; old carpet is ripped up; appliances are rolled off site. What you may overlook in the excitement of your reno project, however, is that once full, that big waste bin in your driveway generally heads to the landfill. While this is certainly the most expeditious way to get rid of your construction debris, we don’t believe that it’s the best way.

Manor is proud to offer different solutions aimed at reducing your construction waste and ultimately minimizing the environmental impact of your renovation. Solutions like taking the time to separate demolition debris for recycling. Items such as packaging, new material scraps, old timber and many other construction materials are all potentially recoverable.

The Built Green Society of Canada provides vital information and resources to companies like Manor in order to build with better energy efficiency, indoor air quality, resource use and environmental stewardship. Besides making our tradespeople generally smarter and better at what they do, adhering to Built Green standards benefits our clients, their homes and communities, and the environment in general.

The benefits of building green extend beyond your new renovation. By choosing energy efficient options, you’ll be making a choice to help protect our environment while enjoying a more comfortable, durable, ergonomic and efficient home. Ask your Manor Consultant about the Built Green program and how it applies to your particular renovation. visit for more information.


Whether you’re looking at remodeling your basement or building from the ground up, there are a great many construction variables that will determine the energy efficiency of your finished product … so many that it can be hard to keep track. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the latest homebuilding materials and methods, and on our ability to make your home perform better than it ever has before.


At Manor, we’ll walk you through the various costs and benefits of low flow toilets, low-E argon windows, spray foam insulation and on-demand water heaters. We’ll consult with you about proper air flow and passive solar. We’ll even discuss ICF construction or geothermal heating with you if you’re so inclined. From relatively simple solutions to more esoteric and ambitious undertakings, we’re all about creating a home that works as well as it possibly can. A home that makes sense to you.

Additional Information

We’ve provided you with some additional information about keeping our earth clean for an overall better environment. 

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